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THE BEST INDIA COMPANY: Eastern Himalayan Forest Honey

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A. The honey is Unpasteurized, RAW, Untreated, Unfiltered and Unheated. It’s only filtered with Muslin cloth by our Adivasi brothers to remove hive debris and wax. The honey is not like commercial honey in thickness as its not heated. You can also see residues as the honey is full of natural pollens.
B. We have collaborated with the Murmu Adivasis of the forest to bring you the finest honey you can taste. The male members of the tribe collect the honey and the female partners bottle it.
C. Nature is unpredictable and it can not produce homogeneous products. Repeat of same taste, same color, same fragrance and similar vis- cosity is highly unlikely. Wrong expectations leads to unethical practices.
D. The Eastern Himalayan Forest Honey is extracted from the wild hives of Indian Wild bees not from the imported Italian or European Bees which is used in farmed honey production. The location of harvest is Jaldrapara & Hasimara forest of Eastern Himalayan ranges just next to Bhutan and our own organic Sikkim.
E. Eastern Himalayan Forest Honey is high on Pollen count hence not suitable for kids under 1 year.
F. Directly From Adivasis | No machine involved | NO or LOW plastic usage brand | Even the stickers are not laminated to avoid environmental damages | Week adhesive has been used in labels | Remove it after use and reuse the jar.
G. 100% Multiflora Nectar Honey. Our honey can crystalize when temperature drops as it is free from any chemical additives. It’s also free from any antibiotics.

THE BEST INDIA COMPANY: Purest from the source. Always

Hand-picked purest produce of India for the world. TBIC is a human venture where the aim is to make quality the forte. All our products are ethically sourced directly from Adivasis and farmers of India.

EASTERN HIMALAYAN FOREST HONEY: The mighty Himalayas, from where the life-giving rivers flows, trickles another liquid of gold which nourishes the human life: The Eastern Himalayan Forest Honey. Untouched by human activities the native wild bees collect the purest nec- tar from the indigenous flowers later to be harvested by the sons and packed by the daughters of the land. TBIC have joined hands with the members of Murmu tribe to collect the finest wild honey from the forest area.

THE MURMU TRIBE: One of the Santhal clans they inhabit the forests of Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa and Chhattisgarh. The most no- table figures from the tribe were Sidhu, Kanhu Chand & Bhairav Murmu who led the 1855 Santal Rebellion against the British. Not any less brave were the tribal girls: Phulo & Jhano Murmu. Wielding their axes, they entered the British camp and eliminated 21 soldiers. They re- gard the forests as their mother and only take what is needed and which can regenerate.

Must Read Features:
1. Thickness- Less thick than any commercial honey as its not heated to make it thick.
2. Color- Mostly yellowish which keeps on changing according to the flower’s pollens. We don't add any 

3. Visibility- Not very transparent as it is full of pollens and not filtered.

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